Special FREE Offer for home & business owners who are first time clients!

Of course, I can’t give away free carpet cleaning to just anyone, but I’m so confident that you will appreciate the work we do every day for our customers that you will become a loyal customer of ours like so many others. That is why I’d like to make you the following offer:

FREE Audit of your carpet and FREE carpet cleaning of one room (up to 150 SF)
I will come to your house/office and audit your carpet for FREE. The audit includes:

Unwanted stains – I’ll tell you if and how they can be removed.
Calculation of the wear age of your carpet – the wear age and the actual age of your carpet can be very different; the wear age of your carpet depends on whether it’s a high traffic area or not and the care your carpet has received.
Risk of your carpet to your health – We’ve all heard about indoor air pollution; the worse the carpet; the higher the risk to your health. I will assess the current state of your carpet and will let you know if it’s salvageable. Getting your carpets cleaned thoroughly and regularly gets rid of pollutants in the carpet.
Analyzing your carpet – I will give you a complete written report of the condition of your carpet.
Upon completion of your audit, I will clean one room of carpet (up to 150 SF) for FREE!

There is no cost, no obligation, no fine print and no strings attached, as long as you are a new client and the home/business owner. This is a great way for us to get to know each other and you will experience firsthand, what an excellent job we do. Your carpet will look, smell and feel like new!

If you then decide that you would like the carpet in the rest of your house to look, feel and smell like this, I will be happy to write you a quote. If you decide that you do not want to move forward at this time, I will not pressure you, because I know that once you decide to move forward you will call me when the time comes.

Please call me directly at 847-697-9228 to set up your appointment for your FREE audit and FREE Carpet Cleaning!