“Is Your Carpet Making You Sick?”

“Take this simple quiz to find out.”

Did you know that clean carpet is a major factor when it comes to indoor air quality? Well it is, and a well maintained carpet can make a big difference in how you feel and even how your house smells. It doesn’t have to be that way. Many people find that they get relief from the sneezing and coughing of allergies and even a better night’s sleep when they follow a few simple steps. To find out if you can quickly and easily improve the health of your home, take a moment to answer these five questions.

1.)         Do you have any cats or dogs?

2.)         Do you or anyone else in your family smoke in the house?

3.)         Do you vacuum your carpeting less than twice a week?

4.)         Has it been longer than 12 month since you’ve had your carpet professionally cleaned?

5.)         Has it been longer than 18 months since you’ve had your upholstery cleaned?

How did your home score?

 If you answered YES to any of these questions then you can dramatically improve your health of your home by calling me at 847-697-9228.

 Carpeting can actually improve indoor air quality, if it is properly maintained. This is because your carpet is much more than a pretty soft covering. It is the largest air filter in your home, holding soil, bacteria, pollens, chemicals and other contaminants that would otherwise become airborne.

Dr. Michael Berry, Ph.D is a former Deputy Director of the EPA Environmental Criteria and Assessment office. In his book Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health, Berry says that most indoor cleaning problems are related to dirty carpets, but this problem can be solved through maintenance and restoration. He compared carpets to a sink that collects pollutants of all kinds from indoors and out. As the sink gets filled up (the carpet gets polluted), it stores more and more dirt, dust and contaminants. When the sink is full, it needs to be emptied. If a carpet is not cleaned on a regular basis, it can become a breeding ground for bio-pollutants, says Dr. Berry.

It is crucial to regularly empty the sink and make sure that your carpets are cleaned properly. Most people clean carpets because they look dirty, although by the time you can see the dirt in the carpet, it’s probably filthy. Rarely do people clean their carpets in an effort to protect their health, Berry says, but cleaning carpet regularly will improve indoor air quality.

Berry stats the impact of deep, hot water extraction carpet cleaning resulted in a 52 percent reduction in airborne dust. Additionally the study found that volatile organic compounds decreased by 49 percent, total bacteria was reduced by 40 percent and total fungi declined by 61 percent, leading to a significant improvement in indoor air quality.

My name is Michael Naskrent, and I am the owner of Quality Carpet Cleaning. We specialize in helping people just like you make their home healthier for their whole family. If your carpet or upholstery are not regularly deep cleaned, they become home to dust mites, grime, dirt and other pollutants that can aggravate allergic and asthmatic conditions and even make it harder to get a restful night sleep. If you have pets or if someone in your home smokes, it only makes it worse. Even if you’re following good carpet care guidelines and vacuuming two to three times a week, pollutants still will build up, deep within your carpet and upholstery.

What can you do?

Well, maybe you’ll go down to the supermarket or home improvement store and rent a portable carpet machine. I guess it’s better than doing nothing, but it won’t give you the kind of deep, healthy clean a powerful, professional steam cleaning will. And unlike a professional cleaning, the rental machine will leave your carpet wet and damp for many hours. Also, by the time you figure in the rental cost, detergent cost and the time it takes you to clean it (not to mention the back and forth to the rental center), you’ll most likely find the cost of a professional cleaning to be very reasonable indeed.

What should you do?

Call me. It’s that simple. My company provides the kind of sanitized deep cleaning that pulls those nasty pollutants out of your carpet and upholstery, leaving clean, healthy fibers and improving the air quality of your home. We not only deep clean your carpet and free you of those unwanted pollutants, but your carpet will be dry in a few short hours. All you have to do is call me at 847-697-9228.

A FREE, no obligation carpet inspection, PLUS a FREE GIFT.

It’s a fact that every home and situation is somewhat different, so before I can give you an exact price, I need to spend some time inspecting your carpet to determine the best course of action. You’re under no obligation to use our service, and the inspection is 100% FREE.  I’ll fully explain everything that I feel should be done, so that you can make an informed decision about your cleaning. What’s the FREE GIFT. I’ll give you a Gift Certificate, FREE, just for the opportunity to earn your business. It’s yours to keep whether you use Quality Carpet Cleaning or not. So if you’re ready to rid your home of dirt, grime, dust mites and undesirables living deep in the fibers of your carpet and upholstery, give me a call at 847-697-9228.

How can you be sure you’re getting quality service?

All are work is backed by our Famous 100% Money Back Guarantee. It’s simple: If you’re not 100% thrilled with the level of service and workmanship that I provide, the cleaning is FREE, period. No small print, no ifs, and’s, or but’s. You can’t lose, and you have no risk at all when using Quality Carpet Cleaning.